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3 lipca 2016

Leszek Adamczyk

Iron Maiden - The Book of Souls

Santana - Choo Choo

Santana - Suenos

XIII.Stoleti - Cerna vez

XIII.Stoleti - V Slzach Pristich Dnu

Wildlight - Rain (Acoustic)

Wildlight - Lily Moon (Acoustic)

Laurence Jones - Got No Place to Go

Laurence Jones - Addicted to Your Love

Anderson & Stolt - Know...

Tilt - Assembly

The Rolling Stones - Little Red Rooster

Morrison Jim - Ghost Song

The Doors - A Feast Of Friends

10 lipca 2016

Audycja nie odbyła się z powodu transmisji meczu finałowego ME w piłce nożnej

17 lipca 2016

Piotr Kaczkowski

Portishead - SOS

Marillion - The New Kings (I) F**k Everyone and Run

Marillion - The New Kings (II) Russia's Locked Doors

Marillion - The New Kings (III) A Scary Sky

Marillion - The New Kings (IV) Why Is Nothing Ever True?

Steven Tyler - We’re All Somebody From Somewhere

Steven Tyler - Hold On (Won’t Let Go)

Cake - Falling

Sonic Youth - Theme with Noise

Call The Wolf - The Same

Jeff Beck - Edna

Jeff Beck - Shame

Love De Vice - No Escape

Cradle Of Filth - The Graveyard by Moonlight

Cradle Of Filth - Funeral in Carpathia

De La Soul - Pain (feat. Snoop Dogg)

Audio 2 - Top Billin'

The Lemon Twigs - These Words

Skye & Ross - Light of Gold

Gov't Mule - World Of Difference

Jeff Beck - Scared For The Children

Billie Holiday - Falling In Love Again

24 lipca 2016

Piotr Kaczkowski

Anita Lipnicka - Ptasiek

Geoff Achison - Hells Bells

Ray Wilson - The Next Life

Spears Britney, G-Eazy - Make Me...

Dziarmagowska Agata - Incomplete

Dinosaur Jr. - Good To Know

Dinosaur Jr. - Be a Part

New Model Army - Winter

Waldeck Klaus - Serenata, Pt. I

Waldeck - Bello Ciao feat. La Heidi

Player Piano - Radio Love

Anderson & Stolt - Chase and Harmony

Prophets Of Rage - Prophets Of Rage

Dead Buttons - Tired of You

Percival Schuttenbach - Marysia

We Used To Do Things - We're All Messed Up

Levin Minnemann Rudess - Free Radicals

Levin Minnemann Rudess - Marseille

Biffy Clyro - Friends And Enemies

Biffy Clyro - Flammable

Leon Russell & New Grass Revival - Over The Rainbow

Leon Russell & New Grass Revival - Jumpin' Jack Flash

Faun Fables - Ta nasza młodość

Ray Wilson - Makes Me Think of Home

Poniedzielski Andrzej - Rozdarcie

31 lipca 2016

Leszek Adamczyk

Tarja - Innocence

XIII.Stoleti - Havran

The Sisters Of Mercy - More

Whitesnake - Whipping Boy Blues

Miguel, Santana - Maria Maria

Santana - Suenos

Bear's Den - Broken Parable

Guy Buddy - Born To Play Guitar

Gary Hoey - Boxcar Blues

Gary Hoey - This Time Tomorrow

Gov't Mule - Mr. Big

Gov't Mule - The Something

Whitesnake - Forevermore

Tarja - Supremacy

Tarja - The Living End